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Tired of the Rat Race?
In this webinar Jane and Phil will show you how to get out of the rat race and become a player online
  Phil Basten
Jane Mark
Welcome to our webinar on how to get out of the rat race and become a player online.
Jane Mark here. I'm the president of JAM Marketing Inc. My Partner Phil Basten and I have been developing online advertising sites for online businesses for the past 21 years, so -
You might say we have become players online.
My goal today is to show you how to become that player online.
I promise you it is not hard if you know where to start.
Today we are going to start with just one question to get you thinking about your online business.
Question: What is your goal? What do you want from your online business?
Phil is in the chat room so throw up some of your goals in there.
Any and all answers are fine except one.
One of them can't be to Make Money Online. That's too easy, and I am going to take it for granted; you are all here to give me some other answers, and let's see where we go and see if we can't meet some of those goals in this webinar.
By the end of this webinar, you will know - 
  • Where to start online.

  • How to get noticed in noisy and competitive market place.

  • What a loop-de-loop is and why it is important for your success.

  • Is there money in the loop-de-loop?

  • How and where to get some much needed help to reach your online goals.
The first thing I will do as we go on this journey together is to log into one of our sites called FrontPage Mail and buy some keywords.
I will show why I am doing this later on in the webinar.
  • Webinars with Jane Mark and Phil Basten.
  • Jane Mark and Phil Basten webinars.
  • Where do I find Jane Mark and Phil Basten webinars.
Notice I am buying keyword phrases, not just a word. Most people search on keyword phrases, not only 1 or 2 words.
Notice that each of these keyword phrases only costs me one buying token. A buying token equals one buck, and when you spend it, you own that keyword or keyword phrase forever.
Why am I buying these keywords?
I am going to put them to work for me. 
I already put similar keywords to work for me that I already own, like:
  • Webinar with Jane Mark and Phil Basten
  • Webinar with Jane Mark
  • Webinar with Phil Basten
  • Live webinar with Jane Mark and Phil Basten
  • Live webinar
  • Live webinars with Jane and Phil
  • Live Webinars with Jane Mark and Phil Basten
  • Jane Mark and Phil Basten live
Well, you get the idea. I am buying keyword phrases that match my webinar promotion.
Now let's take a look in google.
I will use the keyword phrase - Live webinars with Jane Mark and Phil Basten.
This is one of the best ways to get noticed in a very noisy and competitive world.
Owning keywords is the start.
But owning them is not enough.
You have to attach them somewhere to make you stand out from everyone else and get you noticed.
And that's where loop-de-loop comes in.
Loop-de-loop is a term that is used at airshows.
It is also something kids learn when they want to throw paper airplanes at the teacher. I am sure none of you ever did that :-)
Remember, I lured you to this webinar by promising to tell you what a loop-de-loop was.
I grew up in a family where my Dad was a pilot of small planes in general aviation. He taught me how to fly a piper cub seaplane when I was just six and -
No! we never did the loop-de-loop, but Dad would take me to air shows where daredevil flyers would turn their airplanes upside down and back up again, and they called that doing the loop-de-loop.
Well, there is such a thing in Marketing. It is what got me onto Google page 1, and you can do the very same thing.
Let me show you what I am doing with those words I just bought.
Let's log into FPM again and go to the mailer.
I will pick one of my recent emails and show you my keywords in action.
So you saw I attached my keywords with a few clicks to my mailing.
Now let's log into Profit From Free Ads, go to the mailer, and see what appears there now.
Here's the bottom line.
My brilliant and creative partner figured out a simple way for people to buy and own keywords and attach them to mailings and blogs and get them noticed on Google fast.
When you buy keywords at FrontPage Mail, you can attach them to 19 tested, well known, popular sites.
  • Front page Mailer
  • Kulebuzz mailer
  • PFFA Mailer
  • PFFA Blog
  • Itsy Linx Mailer
  • ECC Mailer
  • Oodles of traffic Mailer
  • Headline Mail (More Visitors Now)
  • Grabber Mail (why Not Join Me)
  • Kule Traffic Mailer
  • Kule Blaster Mailer
  • Richer Mailer (Walk Away Richer Now)
  • Sokule Mailer
  • Sokule Blog
  • Sokwall at Sokule
  • VAD Mailer
  • You Can Reach Everyone Mailer
  • 1-Stop Profits Mailer
  • Walk Away Mailer
Here's how you do it.
  • You write up your promo.

  • You pop into FrontPage Mail or any other of the 19 sites where you can use your keywords.

  • You buy or add to the keywords you already own at FrontPage Mail.

  • You go to one of our mailers or blogs.

  • You pop your promo into the mailer.

  • And, at the bottom of the mailer or blog you can attach those keywords to your solo ads.
I call this doing the loop de loop.
When you pair off one site with another and adding relevant keywords to anything, you do at the website. You could also call this round-robin marketing or piggyback marketing, but I call it doing the loop-de-loop.
Whatever you call it gets you noticed in a boisterous world, and if you can get seen on the front page of Google by investing a few bucks in a few keywords, you are well on your way to running a real business online.
Is there money in the loop-de-loop?
You bet there is.
Almost all of the 19 sites where you can use your keywords also have a unique feature that I call the buying the spread.
Buying the spread can be a whole webinar for another day, but today let me just put it this way.
When you buy into a site that you intend to promote, make sure that you can get your investment back if you decide to promote that site. You do that by looking at one straightforward thing. How much can I earn from my investment in any website?
To answer that question, you want to look for two things:
  • Does the site have a low entry point to get people in the door, and does it have a high ticket item once they are in the door that can make you a pile of dough with commissions?

    Example. The site we were working with today, Front Page Mail has upgrades. Prices that range from 20 bucks to 1497.00 and everything in between. That means you can work with a wide audience from newbies to seasoned marketers and offer a site to them that has upgrades to suit every budget. You can make a whole lot of dough that way.

  • Make sure there are training tapes in the member's area so that when your downlines ask you for help, you can steer them to those training sections and by the way, if you want to sell any site, make sure you know all about it so you can help your downline.
So let's sum up the first five parts of this webinar before moving on.
1. Where to start online.
Have a good talk with yourself and decide what it is you want to be when you grow up.
I don't care how young or old you are; you need to answer that essential question before choosing to start an online business or any business for that matter, and you need to be passionate about that business, so you don't get bored with it.
2. How to get notice in a noisy and competitive world.
Answer own the net by investing in some affordable words that match your business and use blog mailers and social posting to get those words out, thereby attaching them to your promos. We give you 19 places you can do that right out of the box, but you can use them anywhere that you want to get noticed fast.
3. What a loop-de-loop is, and why it is important.
If no one knows you exist, you will not be able to land the airplane safely. Use your keywords to go around the costly SEO work that gets you onto Google.
It can cost up to $2500.00 or more to hire professionals to get you onto the front page of Google.
Phil came up with a unique, simple, and affordable way to do that. Try it, and you will see what I mean.
4. Can you loop-de-loop and make a lot of dough?
All websites mentioned in this webinar offer you the ability to attach your keywords to their mailers and blogs. They also provide you low to high ticket upgrades and the ability to earn a lot of dough from each one of them.
So that brings me to our final step in this webinar. I call it -
5. A helping hand.
We call this offer the Walk in the Park Deal because - 
You take a Walk in the Park, and we do all the work for you.
Many of you know and use our sites, and thank you so much for that, but -
Sometimes you need a helping hand to get started. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting online, someone else's perspective may be just what the doctor ordered to get you up and running or to help you promote a new site you just joined or developed.
6: Exclusive webinar special.
To that end, my very talented partner, Phil, has developed an exclusive webinar special that can help you get to where you want to go.
He incorporated much of what we have talked about on this webinar in this package, and it will benefit you a lot, I guarantee it. Phil is known as the ad man around town, and he will help get you where you want to go.
Here's what you will get with this awesome Walk in the Park deal.
First, let me say that the first part of the Walk in the Park Deal gives you $500 right out of the box, so you come out in front with this time-limited offer.
  • We'll fund your FrontPage Mail account with 500 keyword tokens. (value $500).

  • We'll choose 25 keywords for you that match your website, and people are searching on now. (value $125).

  • You can use your keywords at 19 popular solo ad mailers and blogs. (value $2,500).

  • We'll create a compelling, kick the doors down, solo ad. (value $750).

  • We'll create a unique Kulewall ad to post at Sokule ($125).

  • We'll post your killer ad on Sokwall at Sokule. (value $197).

  • We'll create two Facebook and Twitter ads for posting. (value $250).

  • We'll post your ads to more than 18,000 friends and followers. (value $275).

  • We'll create a professional animated banner ad 125x125 pixels. (value $175).

  • We'll promote your banner ad on Profit From Free Ads with 10 million ad views.  (value $50,000).

  • We'll create a special customized tracking link for you. (value $150).
The total value of this incredible deal is - $71,397.
Plus if you want the whole enchilada -
We'll also send your ads to a list of over 125,000 for an extra 100 bucks.
These ad runs sell for $497 so this is a huge bonus for you.
You will see that extra solo ad run offer when you check out.
You can read about the full offer here.
If this offer is not for you, you can get started at FrontPage Mail with an exceptional double-up offer.
I want you to buy keywords because you can use them at so many sites, and you can start with just 20 bucks and buy 20 keywords.
If you are not yet a member of FrontPage Mail, you can join here free, and I will double all buying tokens today for all purchases over 50 bucks.

Buy 50 keyword tokens and get 100 keyword tokens.
Buy 100 keyword tokens and get 200 keyword tokens.
Buy 250 keyword tokens and get 500 keyword tokens.
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