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Most marketers online fail to do the one thing that could help them get more signups and sell more products than they thought possible. They fail to find out whether their advertising is working. Itsy Linx makes it easy for you to find out the critical information you need to begin banking more greenbacks.
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We'll create 10 customized ITSY LINX for you...
Give us up to 5 websites you wish to promote, and we will create 10 different custom links, plus 10 different custom subject lines. These ads will rotate on our ad-profits page permanently. This is a $1,000 value!
What is an Itsy link?  It is a customized link that is completely unique to you, and it helps you disguise your link and create interest and mystery around your site.

Here is an example...

Let's say I want to promote this link:

This is a long link, and every Tom, Dick, and Jane will be promoting this link with their username at the end, but suppose you want to create an itsy link for this site that would make people want to click it.

Instead of the long link, you could use a link that looks like this.

No one else in the world will have this link.
It is yours alone, and
Google loves unique links.

So, we will take your five sites and create two unique attention-getting links and subject lines for each site.
You get a free Itsy Linx lifetime pro membership.
You get a Pro membership in ITSY LINX value of $197.00 a year, but you'll only pay one time. If you are not a member of Itsy Linx, just signup free, and we'll upgrade your account to a pro lifetime account once you purchase.

Your pro membership comes with 50 lifetime Itsy links and subject lines that you can create and edit for any site that you promote.

You also get -
  • Access to the large itsy mailer where you can send your offers to 9,500+ members. Pro members can email 1,000 random users every five days.

  • A daily downline mailer so you can stay in touch with people you sponsor and tell them what you are doing.

  • You get two banner ads with a 10:1 ad rotation.

  • You get four Itsy ads with a 10:1 link rotation.

  • You can customize all 50 links and link titles.

  • You get graphical stats along with an advanced search tool.

  • Plus, we send lifetime traffic to all your Itsy links.
And best of all...
You get advanced ad tracking for all 50 links.
Advanced ad tracking shows you which ads are working, where, and how well they are working. Seeing how well your ads are performing is crucial to your online success.
There's more. You also get these fabulous, cash-generating advertising bonuses.
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  • 10 professionally customed Itsy links.
  • 10 expertly crafted compelling subject lines.
  • A lifetime Pro Membership.
  • You get access to the mailer with 9,500 members.
  • Four Itsy ads with a 10:1 link rotation.
  • You can customize all 50 links and link titles, and...
  • You get lifetime traffic for all your Itsy links.
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If you are a paid member of Itsy Linx you can grab 10 custom links and link titles for only.
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