Want to control the internet Superhighway? Front Page Mail Announces -
Keywords DONE4U
Keywords power the internet. Use them wisely and they can propel your websites to the top of the search results and get your site noticed. Don't use them and your site could quickly fade into oblivion and barely see a trickle of traffic.
The problem for most people is that they have no idea how to choose the right keywords for their websites and that's why we created this super done4u offer. So, here's the deal -
Give me the website you want to promote. I will choose 10 highly searched keywords that target your website, up to a maximum value of $500.00, and I will attach these to your website in FrontPage Mail.
They call the web the internet superhighway, but you could also call it the keyword superhighway because keywords control who sees your website.
So, what do you get in this special package?
  • We will deposit 500 tokens into your FPM account that you can use to buy keywords. We will use part of this additional $500 worth of keywords to buy the 20 keywords we research for you.

  • We will choose 10 keywords that have been searched at least 20,000 times in the past 30 days. (Research value $750).

  • We will target these 10 keywords for your website up to a value of $500.

  • Many of the keywords we buy for your account will cost $1.00, and you will get to keep the balance to buy more keywords for any site you want.

  • We will write a description for your website and add it to your FrontPage Mail account. (Value $125).

  • You will own these keywords at FrontPage Mail, and no one can buy, steal, or take them away from you. (priceless)

  • We will attach these keywords to your website so your site will appear at the top of the FrontPage Mail search results page when people search on these keywords. (Value $125).

  • You will be able to use these keywords in your mailings, blog, and social postings at 21 of our popular advertising sites. (Value $995).

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Think about the time you will save—the time you can spend relaxing with family and friends, on that special project, or other kinds of marketing.
We do it all for you.
  • You will get keywords that lots of people search on each day of every month.

  • Your business will get noticed, not only by visitors to FrontPage Mail but by those who search on your keywords or keyword terms at any search engine. Quality traffic will keep flowing in for months, even years from now.

  • The value of this package is $2,495, but if you order today, we will also give you 1-million FrontPage Mail ad-view credits as a bonus. (Value $5,000).

That makes the total package value $7,495.
We could easily charge $497 for service as vital as this, but you won't pay that when you order today.
We won't even ask you to pay $397 or even $297.
All you will pay when you order today is a crazy low
This is a limited time offer.
This is what you call a great investment.
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