At last! You can now control where your emails end up! 
Subject lines can make or break you.
A high-scoring subject line will get your emails opened and give you extra chances to make sales. A low-scoring subject line will go unopened or land your emails in the spam folder, and you can wave goodbye to your profits.
As we say in Australia, "If your subject lines are as useless as ugg boots on a camel, you ain't gonna make a quid."
     But no worries, we've solved this problem for you!    
Give us the website you want to promote. We'll create 10 high-scoring winning subject lines that will get your emails opened, stash more bucks in your pocket, and have you doing the outback shuffle in no time flat!
So what are we talking about here? We're talking about profits, YOUR profits to be exact, and we're talking about how much money you could be losing.
The main reason emails go into the spam folder is subscriber engagement. 
Subscriber engagement is - how many people open your emails, click links in them, or take some other action like moving your emails from the spam folder to the inbox.
But here's the kicker.
To get people to engage with your emails, you must have a subject line that gives them a good reason to open your email - a subject line that scores well with all the various spam filters.
Example: If you want to attract people interested in website traffic, you might want to include website traffic in the subject line.
Getting your emails opened 95+% of the time is one excellent reason you need Subject Lines Done4u. We take the hassle out of creating winning subject lines and do it for you.
So what do you get in this winning package?
  • We'll create and test 10 winning subject lines that have a high inbox score. (value $500).

  • Each subject line will score 90 or above at Email Content Checker and pass the spam filters. (Value $500).

  • We'll add these subject lines to your ECC account so other users, and visitors to our website, can see them. (value $197).

  • We'll give you 5 million ECC ad-view credits to assign to the subject lines that we write so your subject lines display on the ad profits page and get continuous traffic. (Value $2,500).

  • You can use these subject lines in any email campaigns anywhere on the internet. (value priceless).

  • You'll get a basic account at Email Content Checker. This account allows you to test up to 50 subject lines and email copy. (value $197).

  • You can email your best offers to 265,000 active subscribers every five days. (value $497).

  • Plus, ECC will promote up to 50 websites using your subject lines in your Email Content Checker account. (value priceless).

We do it all for you.
Total package value $4,391.00
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