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Subject Lines DONE4U
If writing compelling subject lines is like a foreign language to you, and you are sick of wasting time on all those failed headlines and rewrites, then you are going to want to take advantage of our exciting new DONE4U service.
     Announcing; Subject Lines Done4u.     
According to David Ogilvy, the father of modern advertising, the headline of a sales page is the single most important component in a marketing system. The same is true of email subject lines.  
The first thing people see when they open their email inbox is a screen full of subject lines, and if your subject lines do not stand out and compel them to open your emails, they will get lost in the noise of the inbox.
   But don't fret; now there's a solution.   
Give me the website you want to promote. I will research and write 10 KILLER email subject lines for you that will grab your prospect's attention, get more emails opened, and help you make more sales!
I will also create a 250x250 animated banner for any website you choose, and I will also give you a 125x125 version of it. (value $147.00)
 And that's just the start -
   You also get a FREE More Visitors Now Professional Account with these super-cool benefits (value$297). 
  • This is a forever account that never expires (value $297).

  • You get an exclusive headline Solo Ad Mailer, and you can send your offers every 4 days (value $2,700).

  • You get the Crazy Climber ads system that forces your websites to the top. (value $500)

  • You get the Jackpot Points System that keeps your sites in the top 10 (value $500).

  • You can stay in contact with your signups daily with your own downline mailer. (value $500).

  • You get 100,000 points, so you can start advertising instantly (value $500).

  • You can give away 50,000 ad-view points and get fast signups (value $250).

  • You can advertise 5 of your favorite websites (value $5,400).

  • You get 3 small forever banner ads 125x125 slots to advertise your websites (value $2,160).

  • You get quality traffic from 5 forever text ads (value $3,600).

  • You can earn a generous 25% commission on all personal sales.

No more time wasted. No more stress. No more bald spots from tearing your hair out to come up with that perfect subject line.
     We do it all for you.     
 But wait, there's more!
 You also get these incredible bonuses.     
  • You get 5 million Sokule list building credits (value $6,350)

  • You get 1 million ad-view credits at Profit From Free Ads (value $5,000).

  • You get 1 million ad-view credits at FrontPage Mail (value $5,000).

  • You get a free report on how to maximize your sales through Storytelling Marketing (value $47.00).

  • You get a free report on how to maximize your sales through Storytelling Marketing (value $47.00).

  • You get a copy of our killer Email Subject Line Swipes ebook (value $97).

  • You get a free report that shows you how to create fail proof headlines and subject lines (value $47.00).

That makes the total value $33,595.
We could easily charge $497 for service as vital as this, but you won't pay that when you order today.
We won't even ask you to pay $397 or even $297.
All you will pay when you order today is a crazy low
This is a limited time offer.
Right after you order, we will take you to a form to fill in. If you do not get to the form page, please contact us, and we will send you the link.
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