How to increase sales and signups from each mailing you send!
No matter where you go on the internet, you will encounter website links. There are long links, short links, and even in-between links. But the links that matter most are the links that tell you how your ads are performing.
You see, if you have no idea what advertising sources are producing results, and you haven't got a clue what ads are working for you, you're not going to make a lot of money online.
But there is an answer, and it's called Itsy Linx, and we have a special offer to introduce you to Itsy to show you what Itsy Linx can do for you.
Give us the website you want to promote. We will create 10 custom Itsy Links, plus 10 keyword-powered titles that will rotate on the Itsy Linx website, and we will add these 10 links to your Itsy account.
Itsy Linx will track your ads like a super sleuth.
You will see which ads are working, where they are working, and you will be able to track whether it's an email promotion, classified, banner or text ad, video, blog, website, SEO, or any other kind of service.
So what do you get in this special package?
  • We'll create 10 custom Itsy Links that let prospects know what your offer is about. (value $250).

  • We will create 10 keyword-targeted titles that will rotate on the ad-profits page and tell users about your offer. (value $500).

  • You get a free 1-year Pro account at Itsy Linx with bonuses. (value $3,437).

  • You will be able to email 1,000 members every 5 days. (value $100).

  • You will be able to use your Itsy Links at any site or with any service online. (value $100).

  • You can create categories for your custom links so you can easily find them. (value $75).

  • You can see your stats instantly. These stats will show you how many days your ad has been running, the number of views it received, and how many clicks you got. (Value $200).

  • You can even use our inbuilt cash funnel to make multiple commissions. (value $250.00)
We do it all for you.
The total value of this stunning package is $4,912.
We were thinking about charging $497 for this done4u service, but we wanted to price it so everyone could afford it.
We finally settled on a special introductory price of only -  
This is a limited time offer.
This is a super investment at a crazy low price.
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